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As the licensing arm of the Saturday Evening Post magazine, Curtis Licensing has been licensing the Post’s vast collection of classic images to companies around the world for over 30 years! From the beloved covers by Norman Rockwell to alluring romantic ladies from the 50’s, the Curtis archive is already impressive at 6,000 images…and growing. This remarkable collection along with the Curtis team will be available to British and foreign guests for the first time at Brand Licensing 2015!

While Curtis has been exhibiting at the Licensing Show in the US for over 30 years, this will be the first time the collection will be presented across the pond. “International markets have grown so much and there is always such great interest in our artwork collection from foreign countries, that it seemed natural for us to exhibit at Brand” said Mike Waldner, Director of Licensing at Curtis. “Our main goal is to find new business with companies that may not come to the US Licensing Show as well as find out agents for some European territories we may not have already covered”.

This is a particularly good time for Curtis Licensing to exhibit at Brand Licensing as “Nostalgia”, which has become a huge trend, is also one of Curtis’s strongest areas.  Curtis’s collection has always been rich in nostalgic artwork, articles and materials. After all, The Saturday Evening Post has been in existence for nearly 300 years.

Tracing its roots to Benjamin Franklin, The Saturday Evening Post mirrors cherished ideals and values, most memorably illustrated by its iconic cover artist Norman Rockwell. The Post is also known for publishing the works of over 500 other notable artists, as well as literary greats as Ray Bradbury, Agatha Christie, William Faulkner, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Edgar Allan Poe, J.D. Salinger and others.

Curtis’s nostalgic images, stories, photographs and articles have been licensed to publishing companies, advertising agencies, film studios, etc.  around the world. Their content has graced thousands of products from apparel, to gifts and collectibles to home décor for over 30 years.

When asked why “nostalgia” is so popular for them, Waldner had this to say. “People love our  nostalgic artwork for several reasons. I think the main thing is that this type of artwork has the power to transport you to an easier, simpler time. Our images portray a time when your biggest worry was what to cook for dinner. Where neighbors were close friends and small pleasures such as sitting with your family by the family were treasured. A time when Christmas was the most magical and special time of the year. This is especially important in our modern world which is so fast paced and filled with technology and consumerism that it is sometimes hard to feel truly connected.”

Curtis’s illustrations certainly do transport the viewer to a kinder, safer time and place where teens can get together at a local soda shop and children can mischievously play outside without worries, but the artwork also offers a certain “universality”.  Images of parents struggling to put their bouncy children to bed are relatable by parents around the world. A young couple in love enjoying a stolen kiss is as real a moment for a couple in the US as it is for a couple in Spain, or Germany or anywhere. This makes Curtis’s content “workable” pretty much anywhere. It also helps that Curtis has always embraced manipulation and allows their licensees to transform and adapt illustrations to fit their needs.

In fact, the team at Curtis is constantly working at adapting and refreshing their collection to better fit industry trends. “For example recently, we took some of our more nostalgic Nautical images and gave them a fresh look by adding text and a white wash background which immediately updated the look” said Waldner as way of example.  Having great original nostalgic artwork is great, but things are constantly moving and changing, so we have to adjust to stay on trend. Frankly, we enjoy the ride and welcome the challenge,“ he added.

Curtis is also thrilled to be showcasing their newest client, renowned artist Kim Parker.  Parker is an internationally acclaimed award-winning lifestyle designer brand and author. Parker launched her namesake label in 2001. Her signature style of modern vibrantly colored floral and abstract images have since graced a wide range of products including designer rugs, tabletop,  bedding, wallpaper, fabrics, decorative home accents, etc, 

While Parker’s stunning designs have been available to the UK and European market through various licensed products for many years, this will be the first time that Parker’s exuberant works will officially be on display at Brand as part of Curtis Licensing’s featured properties.

“It is a real treat and pleasure for us to be working with Kim Parker,” said Waldner. “Kim’s images are amazingly bright, energetic and full of color, just like Kim herself! We think Kim’s artwork would be ideal for a number of licensing applications in the home, apparel and gift categories and we are thrilled to see what opportunities Brand will bring,” he added.




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