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As the licensing arm of the Saturday Evening Post magazine, Curtis Licensing is returning for a second year to BLE to showcase its impressive archive of over 6,000 images and introduce its new agents for Europe.

Following the first showing at BLE last year, there is a growing stable of licensees in EMEA, drawing from this rich archive of artwork to introduce new collections across fashion, accessories and homewares. Curtis has been exhibiting at the Licensing Show in the US for over 30 years, but the presence at Brand Licensing in 2015 brought a step change in growing its international business. “Our licensing history in the United States has always been very strong.  However, we see huge potential to grow our international presence even more” said Director of Licensing, Mike Waldner. “Partnering with experienced, qualified international agents is the key to that growth”.

The Saturday Evening Post has a unique heritage in American society with its original roots in The Pennsylvania Gazette, first published in 1728 and once owned by Benjamin Franklin.  From 1821, the Saturday Evening Post grew to become the most widely circulated weekly magazine in America.  It’s said to have been the pre-eminent vehicle of mass culture in the United States, helping to celebrate and form the values of the time.  Its depiction of everyday American life and its chronicle of major events in United States history drove a circulation of millions of copies.   More than anything though, it was known for commissioning lavish illustrations, from Norman Rockwell and over 500 others, all retained in the archives of The Saturday Evening Post in Indianapolis. 

Curtis’s nostalgic images, stories, photographs and articles have been licensed to publishing companies, advertising agencies, film studios, etc. around the world, gracing thousands of products from apparel, to gifts and collectibles to home décor for over 30 years.

When asked why “nostalgia” is so popular for them, Waldner had this to say. “People love our  nostalgic artwork for several reasons. I think the main thing is that this type of artwork has the power to transport you to an easier, simpler time. Our images portray a time when your biggest worry was what to cook for dinner, where neighbors were close friends and small pleasures such as sitting with your family by the fire were treasured. A time when Christmas was the most magical and special time of the year. This is especially important in our modern world which is so fast paced and filled with technology and consumerism that it is sometimes hard to feel truly connected.” [Cris, we could leave this quote or simply delete it this time?]

The team at Curtis is constantly working at adapting and refreshing the collection to better fit industry trends and embraces manipulation of images to enable licensees to transform and adapt illustrations to fit their needs.

At this year’s show, Curtis is pleased to announce new agency partnerships in Europe, notably:

UK and Eire:  Brand Reach International
Sarah McNaughton and Kate Worlock
T: +44 7973 134802

Germany, Austria, Switzerland:  The Brand Residence
Marlies Rasl & Tim Ehrhardt
T: +49 171 639 03 32

France:   Les Fees Existent
Sophie Moreau
T: +33 01 70 91 55 77

Spain:  Notorious Brands & People, S.L
Julien Barbier
T:  +34  678 56 23 79

For further information: Cris Piquinela, (317) 252-0992,