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Octane5 Celebrates 10 Years in Business, Delivering the most widely adopted Licensing Software platform and Security Products Solution in the industry

ATLANTA, Aug. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Octane5 with its Brand Comply Licensing Ecosystem, announced its ten (10) year anniversary, celebrating a milestone event in the B2B business sector of Licensing and Brand Protection.

"It was a single client who believed our vision of what an integrated, contract to consumer system could mean to the licensing initiative of a major company," stated Mike Dunn, Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer of Octane5. "From that time to this, we've helped foster a transformation in the licensing industry and along the way, delivered numerous firsts, reflecting one of our core beliefs of 'Inventing what's next,'" Dunn stated.

"From our founding 5 partners, we've grown to 50 major accounts and over 175 brands utilizing our platform every day, supported by 50 team members who have each become experts in their particular area of focus," Dunn stated. "We've been fortunate to have great technology partners and financial backers who have supported our strategy and leading edge development work," Dunn further stated.

About Octane5

Octane5 is the leading provider of brand protection and compliance systems to the Global Licensing Industry. From its fully integrated BrandComply software platform, to its Threads security tags and labels, Octane5 serves multinational companies, major sports and entertainment organizations and a host of consumer brands.  Octane5 has earned a reputation for proven solutions backed by implementation and support methods that ensure high user adoption and return on investment. Octane5's ecosystem is available in 9 languages and is operated on virtually every continent of the world. Octane5 is the exclusive brand protection partner of DeLaRue, the world's leading producer of currencies and security documents.

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