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30 Excellent Years for Bill and Ted and a New Film!

2019 marks the 30th anniversary of the iconic, time traveling duo from San Dimas High School – Bill and Ted of “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure!” This year, Bill and Ted find themselves on some MOST EXCELLENT new merchandise to celebrate the momentous occasion. Such partners include Cubicall, which will be recreating the seminal phone booth from the film, Bioworld for a capsule collection of apparel, Warcradle Studios for Bill and Ted’s board game, and Incendium for collectible figures, silk screen sprints, and lithographs.

With Boyd Escapes, Bill and Ted are the subject of a new escape room! The object of this escape room is to rescue the world’s most influential people, who have been trapped by a mad scientist, via the phone booth or witness the demise of civilization as we know it!   

This year, Bill and Ted also announced the long-awaited release date (August 21, 2020) of their new film “Bill and Ted Face the Music.” In this film, a visitor from the future warns Bill and Ted that only their song can save life as we know it and bring harmony to the universe, so the pair set off on a new adventure. Party on Dudes!  

To learn more about Bill and Ted, please visit and our booth E203!