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With a new film on the horizon and nearly 50 active licensing partners for the classic Terminator films, (“THE TERMINATOR” and “TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY”), Terminator remans a touchstone of our culture. Online mentions of the words #Terminator produces a never-ending stream at any time of day thanks to the franchise being a worldwide phenomenon - somewhere someone is always watching or talking about Terminator.

From a merchandise perspective, this translates to a robust and diverse retail program. New for 2019 is the first ever “Terminator 2” escape room in Phoenix AZ with Boyd Escapes, the first true motion prop replica of the T-800 endoskeleton arm courtesy of Sideshow, and the first Terminator branded consumer fireworks created by Winco.

Creative Licensing’s additional Terminator partners in the United Kingdom include        

  • GVC for online gaming - running over a decade as a CLC Terminator partner!
  • Hachette Partworks for a buildup collectible figure of the T-800 endoskeleton
  • Microgamming for online gambling
  • Nemesis Now for gifts and collectibles
  • Park Agencies for apparel
  • Reef for mobile games

Other major licensing partners include:

  • American Classics for apparel - running over a decade as a CLC Terminator partner!
  • BHVR Games for mobile games, specifically downloadable content
  • Dark Horse Comics for graphic novels – running over a decade as a CLC Terminator partner!
  • Darkside Collectibles for high end figures
  • Greenlight Collectibles for collectible model vehicles
  • NECA for collectible figures
  • Prime 1 Studio for collectible figures
  • Sideshow for collectible figures - running over a decade as a CLC Terminator partner!
  • Sudden Impact for laser tag

Together, these companies comprise partnerships in over 12 different categories, many of whom sell worldwide, and range in product variety from collectible silver coins, to figures 7” to full scale, to high-end art posters, to social online slots.

To learn more about Terminator products, promotions, and opportunities visit Creative Licensing’s booth at E203.